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Guten tag! (did I spell that correctly???)

Well, you get the idea, welcome to The Gluten Free NP!

As you can see, I am just getting started and right now I’m most interested in what other people want and need to know about living gluten free and autoimmune disease. I am well aware that there are LOTS of other sites out there devoted to gluten free issues and I don’t want to be just another fish in the sea. What are the issues you haven’t seen addressed?

What questions do you have about autoimmune disease?

What are you living with?

Do you have other food allergies?

Are you paleo? SCD? GPS? Dairy free? Soy free? Nut free?

Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease?

Has your healthcare provider given you any information? Do they believe you have food intolerance? Does your family?

Do you have a hard time sticking to your dietary restrictions?

How about when you travel?

How is it affecting your celebrations?

Do you take supplements? Have you had lab work to determine what supplements you might need?

Anything else I haven’t mentioned?

Please just throw it out there! No question about your diet or living with a disease is too small if it affects your well being. I’d like to help!

So let me have it. Please!!

Have a groovy day šŸ™‚



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